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Who is supporting the Town of Quartzsite Council?

by on August 15, 2011

One question that seems to come up when I discuss the events of Quartzsite to friends and strangers is “how is the Council, Town Manager, and the Chief of Police getting away with all this?” This is not a conspiracy question but a valid question that deserves to be answered. Millions of viewers have see the rights stripped away from average people whose only crime was to question authority and stand up for the liberties of others. Open Meeting laws, ignored; allegations of abuse of power by local appointed officials, ignored; and  protection of private property, ignored. How is La Paz county not involved in these matters? Why is Attorney General Tom Horne only looking into Open meeting law violations and why has it taken so long to get an acknowledgment on these issues? Why is media not covering all the allegations listed in the AZCOPS memo? Why is the Chief of Police, Jeff Gilbert, not on administrative leave pending his investigation by AZDPS, admitted by Councilman Lukkason? See video below at the (0:20) mark:

  1. Charlie permalink

    Has anyone asked Quartzsite Finance Director Heidi Turner about the mystery payroll checks? If not,Why not?

  2. Milton W T permalink

    I saw the Lukkasson grocery video. the councilmember is not only brain dead, he is delusional and acting like a cult member who believes only a few stupid awful things. “do something good for the town” “its awful” “its crap” blah blah blah lukkasson… fascist stupid pig headed loser you know the truth and you know the video guy does too! he is leaving the video scared……

  3. R.Abbey permalink

    Lukkkasson is a pig. He stands there playing stupid and acting like no one can tell he’s a dirty rotten liar. Who the hell is this jerk anyway. He buys Mr. Chin’s laundry mat and suddenly he’s a councilman? I never even heard of this chump before last year.

  4. Perhaps you may like to read some background on my first hand experience with the situation in Quartzsite. Check out the three posts on my Bolg at

  5. Harry permalink

    Foster is a Democrat. the Council are Republicans.Dan Field is a Democrat. Does that clarify anything?P.S. The Grubstake Bar and Grill in quartzsite is owned by former town manager/town attorney Da n Field’s family.Guess where Foster hangs out.

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