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Council Meeting August 9 2011, Proof the city decides the market and industry

by on August 11, 2011

     The town council and town manager either have too much conflict of interest as many are business owners or they think there should not be a free market and government needs to decide who can run a business, what type of business, what the city bills will be, and so on and so on. The town council has repeatedly argued such topics as what the sewer and water rates will be for whom or what business, as well as decide who can be issued a business license and for what. Setting such ordinances such as setting a flat rate for all residents and commercial properties is giving the power to the council to make decisions later. This is a display of government intervention without the majority knowledge. Bob Kelley put it the right way. It will work its self out if they are charged by the amount used. This idea is “simple, and solved,” no government intervention later. They open themselves up for discussion and decision of who can get a “break” from paying their bills. Watch how Alex Taft Town Manager repeats herself in regards to a church having to close up part of their building to save energy, water, etc. during low population times in Quartzsite. I have to do the same thing with my home during the summer months as the cost of energy and use sky rockets in the summer here in the desert. I thought this was America where each business, charity, non-profit, is given a chance to make it or fail just like everyone else. This is a process in America we fight to achieve the “American dream” we do not get to ask for handouts or special privileges from the government, regardless of our organization.

     If too many businesses are selling propane then the businesses will work things out they do not need the government to say there is too much competition. For example when there are too many businesses selling the same thing one or few will work harder, advertise more, or do something business like to gain those customers and generate revenue. The others will fail on their own without government intervention and hopefully move on to better ideas. This is business in America not the way the council has been displaying their ideas of who can do what, when, and ask for special privileges because they are not doing well. That is NOT the government’s job, it is NOT the councils position to decide. They are in their seats to represent the people and vote for what the majority agrees towards or be recalled from your seat.

The two incidents are not the only displays of government intervention and many more edited videos will follow to compile all the incidents in a much shorter video. Below are videos of the two mentioned incidents.

View minutes at 31:30 to the end. Alex Taft makes a statement about the church at 37:33. Bob Kelley is the only one with a clear head, hear his objection at 38:50. In regards to Alex Taft’s comment she must think that because the church did not come up with a clear business plan for how to react during summer months when the population is low that they should get special privelages from the government. It seems the church has adapted to the situation and would any other business, person, resident would without government intervention.  

In video below the agenda begins at 5:59

Council Minutes November 23, 2010

112310 – 5. Discussion and possible approval of Vendor Permit application for Russell E. Neihart, Pima Propane; propane sales, location 600 E. Kuehn St. (C2 Zoning).

Council Member Lukkasson motioned to approve Vendor Permit application for Russell E. Neihart, Pima Propane; propane sales, location 600 E. Kuehn St. (C2 Zoning). Motion seconded by Mayor Foster. Brief discussion regarding Pima Propane having obtained all their permits. Council Member Kelley and Council Member Winslow both opposed to approving this item because of public safety concerns. Mayor Foster calls for a roll call vote. Mayor Foster-aye, Vice Mayor Cowell-aye, Council Member Anderson-aye, Council Member Kelley-nay, Council Member Lizarraga-absent, Council Member Lukkasson-aye and Council Member Winslow-nay. 4 in favor, 2 opposed (Council Members Kelley and Winslow) and 1 member absent. MOTION CARRIED.

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  1. JAY permalink

    What do you expect from people who tried to outlaw tents in Quartzsite 6 months ago?And this had nothing to do with residential use’like they lied about! Quartzsite used to be the largest flea market in the world.Now look at it!

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