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Law Enforcement Receives Quartzsite Alert- AZ Independent

by on July 23, 2011

Law Enforcement Receives Quartzsite Alert

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is not commenting on a counter terrorist alert issued for Quartzsite and La Paz County, suggesting that the controversial arrest of a woman at a public meeting in June could result in a future threat. (Continue story through link above)

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  1. Clear attempt to stifle free speech, assembly and petition for redress of grievances…

  2. John Doe permalink

    Courage to those who face this infamy.

  3. J_Doe permalink

    Seems to me the cheif and his 4 are the terrorists… Just sayin

  4. Bill Moore permalink

    A coward sees a threat where none exsists…the exercise of civil libertys and insisting on the rule of law is only terrifying to a criminal or petty tyrant..

  5. g&l cole permalink

    DPS conducting a criminal investigation?? DPS is good at investigating accidents, enforcing title 28 (traffic law), DOT commercial vehicle inspections and taking DUIs off the roads but when it comes to title 13 (criminal law) they lack expertise. Just ask any DPS officer (Highway patrol or CI) how many armed robberies, homicides, sexual assaults, or other major felonies they’ve investigated and closed the case by arrest? DPS by state law is a “secondary law enforcement” agency unlike a State Police. This is why when a criminal act is committed on a state highway or freeway, the DPS can make the initial arrest or secure the scene but then has to hand over the investigation to the local PD or SO. They can assist but nothing more.
    All this is said without unduly criticizing the DPS but to establish some facts as to their primary responsibility (traffic enforcement and investigation) and lack of experience in criminal investigations. There’s no doubt the DPS CI guys have training but lack the actual hands on field proficiency developed from responding to primarily criminal calls is just not there.
    Hopefully, the DPS CI guys will work very closely with the AZ AG’s Office investigators and the La Paz County SO detectives on this one.
    Personally, I would rather had another Sheriffs Office such as Maricopa County or Pinal County conduct the investigation.

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