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Nazi’-cop town ‘firing’ officers, stops paying mayor- WND

by on July 21, 2011

Posted: July 20, 2011
8:55 pm EasternBy Joe Kovacs
© 2011 WND

A spokeswoman for Attorney General Tom Horne simply said, “It is under investigation.”

Foster confirmed that “the investigation is now underway,” as he indicated some state legislators and state police are now involved.

The mayor also says the vast majority of officers on the town’s small police force are in the process of being let go merely because they don’t support the actions of Chief Gilbert.

  1. Jon Greene permalink

    What Foster and the town residents have done wrong is they have not exhausted all administrative remedies. The feds wont take this unless a) they have exhausted remediative pathways with the county (county attorney and county commission), b) the state (attorney general). A) must be exhausted before escalating to B). B) must be exhausted before going to the feds.

    A federal court will reject this civil matter unless documentation from pursuing a and b are submitted and the plaintiff can demonstrate that they could not obtain relief from either a) or b).

    This absolutely should be a federal court case. However, Foster and the townies must follow all remedial pathways, civil and criminal, on a formal basis. Keep excellent records of all to/from formal communications and follow the escalation method.

    IF they do that, they’ll most likely win at least civilly and possibly also on a federal criminal complaint. If they don’t, they wont. Simple as that!

  2. Kevin permalink

    This is insane! Tom Horne, do something now! I know that he is conducting an investigation, but Chief Gilbert has overstepped his bounds. It’s ridiculous that he can put the 10 officers under house arrest, and a curfew against the citizens of Quartzsite. I’m glad that WND and other media outlets are putting the spotlight on this situation. God bless Mayor Foster and Jennifer Jones!

  3. And this is the behavior the AZ attorney general apparently endorses right out in the open. The police chief is not the only criminal here. Not by a long shot.

  4. Archie1954 permalink

    Is there something we haven’t been told? Isn’t the police chief an employee of the town? Can’t he be fired for cause? I believe there are insiders on the town council who are conspiring with the chief to do what he is doing.

    • Hello Archie1954,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes there are more issues with the town of Quartzsite. The newest issues as of today is the police chief putting his employees on administrative leave while having a “friend/assistant town manager” conduct the internal investigation. The issues with the city council, town manager, assistant town manager, and chief of police have been going on for several years. The locals started to reach out to media, or other legal sources more often since 2009. Recently things went viral when a video of Jennifer Jones being arrested during call to the public at a city council meeting reached youtube and the rest of the world wide web. Jennifer Jones was trying to explain to the council and residents about what the city council was doing wrong, and that is just to put it lightly and brief. You may read our previous articles to find out more about what the city council has been up to.

    • Kevin permalink

      Archie, in Quartzsite the police chief is hired and fired by the Town Manager, and approved by the town council. In most towns the Mayor hires and fires the police chief, like the town my brother lives in. The Town Manager, Alex Taft, likes Chief Gilbert. They are two peas in a pod. The council is also in agreement with them, and that’s how the corruption in Quartzsite continues. Mayor Foster is a good man trying to stop the corruption.

  5. I got news for that Police Chief and the fearful people – THE COUNTY SHERIFF IS MUCH MORE POWERFUL THEN HE IS ! THE Sheriff is the most highest law enforcement in the country over courts, or any police chief or any Federal agent including the US President ! My advice = LEARN THE REAL LAW, NOT WHAT DC TELLS YOU IT IS. DC or any of their Federal entities have NO authority outside of their DC borders and has NO authority over or in the states ! They just want you to think they do ! The Sheriff’s real duty is to run off any Feds that enter his county and protect his people from them ! Sheriffs are never to work with Federalists ! NOT EVER ! DC is not a “government” – it is just a corporation ! There is no such thing a a “Federal law” that the states have to obey ! It is Treason if DC interferes in any way in state law or state affairs ! Learn the REAL law ! Founders Law !

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