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Notice: This is an internal investigation being conducted by this man

by on July 21, 2011

This is an outrage. The vague laws, accountability, and lack of checks and balances for this town is insane. As we have watched the turmoil unfold in Quartzsite Arizona, we have a feel for the people and understand their personalities through video. The group I am currently involved with has made several trips to Quartzsite to meet, greet, and interview the town’s people. After spending so many hours in Quartzsite I can see why so many people would want to come back to this place. All the great food, people, and hospitality is overwhelming.

What needs to be pointed out right away is this newspaper report retrieved from

In a press release issued today by Quartzsite Police Department,

“The Town of Quartzsite has placed select police officers on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation is being conducted into policy and rule violations. We can assure the community that the police department has adequate officers to provide the services necessary for public safety, and response to calls for service.”

Jeff Gilbert
Chief of Police

In another article retrieved from

It is very important and must be publicized, to know that according to the above article it clearly addresses the fact that Assistant Town Manager Al Johnson, suspected to be a resident of California, is in fact the internal investigator. As we have heard in the past several articles describing Al Johnson the town code enforcer who has not been qualified professionally for any of his previous or current positions. Al Johnson the code enforcer, along with Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, and the town manager Alex Taft have been the ones causing all the commotion, duress, and harassment of the town’s people. The ones that are still in fear of retaliation of the police chief will still not come out with what they have seen or know.

The few that are doing something to stop all the corruption are not standing up with “pitch forks,” they are not being violent, but instead fighting back with laws, rights, and freedoms. They have begun to educate themselves for the last two years in every action they see and are sure are violations of laws or ethics. The fight cannot be won when the laws are loose, vague, and the city council is able to change what they want when they want without accountability for their actions.

Now it has come to this. The Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert has requested that Al Johnson conduct the internal investigation of the police force, in their homes, and without an attorney present. I hope that every one of those police officers are reading this right now and are setting up cameras and voice recorders all over their private homes during what should be an “illegal investigation.”

For the movie tonight we are going to show you the full length “Get to know Al Johnson and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert.”

Pictures are of Al Johnson harassing former town Mayor Oldham after expressing his interest and support for Mayor Ed Foster’s election. Al Johnson is using his position of building code inspector to disrupt Former Mayor Oldham’s property. During this time Al Johnson had the city plow a dirt road through Oldham’s emergency air strip, again using his position to disrupt the town’s people for political gain and accompanied by Police Chief Jeff Gilbert.

  1. Kevin permalink

    Al Johnson is a typical beaurocrat, and an absolute jerk. I called him two days ago and asked him who the “Chief Executive Officer” in Quartzsite is. He told me the Town Manager is. I told him he is wrong, because the Town Code says the Mayor is the “Chief Executive Officer”. I also asked him why he and Alex Taft have concealed the financial books of Quartzsite from Mayor Foster. He lied and said they have shown him all the records. He asked me where I’m from. When I said that I was from Florida, he told me that I didn’t know what was going on in Quartzsite. I told him that I do understand what’s going on, and then he hung up on me. This man can’t handle the truth. I watched the video interview on Freedom Watch of Mayor Foster from last night, and right at the beginning, the interviewer said that they called Al Johnson for a comment about the police officers being put on administrative leave. When they said they from Freedom Watch, he hung up on them. Does Al Johnson act like someone who has nothing to hide? I think not!

  2. Perhaps you may like to read some background on my first hand experience with the situation in Quartzsite. Check out the three posts on my Bolg at

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