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Infighting escalates at Quartzsite Police Department – CBS5 – KPHO – Phoenix News, Weather and Sports

by on July 21, 2011

Infighting escalates at Quartzsite Police Department – CBS5 – KPHO – Phoenix News, Weather and Sports.

Posted:// Jul 21, 2011 7:21 AM MST

Updated:// Jul 21, 2011 7:23 AM MST

QUARTZSITE, AZ (KPHO) – Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert on Thursday announced he has placed “select police officers” on paid administrative leave while the department conducts an internal investigation.Assistant Town Manager Al Johnson, in a written notice to the officers, said nine of the 14 officers in the department will be placed on leave while he conducts the investigation into potential policy and rules violations.The nine officers signed a letter of  “no-confidence” in the police chief and submitted the letter to town and state officials, alleging criminal conduct by the chief and that he had violated department policy. (continue story)

  1. Citizen for Quartzsite permalink

    As of 7/19/2011, “Town of Quartzsite Releases Investigation Report on Police Chief Gilbert.(Quote): “There is no finding of fault against the Chief for following policies and procedures that were set forth before he was hired. Copies of the report are available in the Quartzsite Public Library and electronically on disk.” (unquote). This 200 page investigative report with all exhibits and findings was done by a completely independent investigation by a Law Firm, Jackson Lewis, hired by Southwest Risk, the Town’s Risk (and many towns’) Insurance Firm. The Town of Quartzsite had no say in the selection. See full Press Release:

    There is no in-fighting, no escalations, Steve Stout of KPHO, there simply were 10 Police Dept employees (9 policepersons. 1 clerk)who belly-ached over petty charges and being looked over for promotions (do you think this all just may show ‘why’) and the complaints cover several years (why did they wait if there was any merit?). Have you, as a reporter, read the 200 pages of investigations, interviews, and exhibits? I am also very surprised that you do not mention the fact that the independent investigation is over and that the Chief has been cleared 100% as I quoted at the beginning of this post. The Chief and any other official over the Police Department have the right to investigate if any of those 9 or 10 dissidents have had their hands in any wrong-doing (malfeasance). Funny, how you left all of that out.

    I’m curious, Steve Stout, are you new with KPHO, channel 5, which is a CBS station? I just have a hard time seeing comments here from a main channel looking rather one-sided and not reporting the whole scene as it comes out. I have spoken with others at KPHO and they would not do this…without explaining both sides of this craziness.

    • I am tired of writing today. Does any one want to take the time to rebuttal this person. Citizen of Quartzsite does spend a lot of time writing us and I think someone should give her a professional rebuttal. thank you for your post Citizen of Quartzsite.

  2. Jones permalink

    Gilbert’s comments are shocking if you consider that he basically admitted our town has been paying for 9 full-time positions that weren’t even necessary. No wonder they borrowed 2,7 million of co-mingled state HURF funds to make payroll and other general fund expenses…

  3. Milton W T permalink

    citizen, ol Nazi Gil has gone too far. The investigation is bunk and this unconstitutional and ill treatment thru issuance of leave and a sham “investigation” of the uncorrupted police officers is beyond outrageous. The media and the unbiased blogs have clearly stated the facts. the curfew and restrictions on the Quartzsite 9 are unjustified.

    If I am one of the nine put under this, I not only would not cooperate I would do everything I could to take out those who are trying to do this, all involved. In fact, I suggest the noble policemen including the highest ranking man, Sgt. Ponce, do so. The longer the good guys are acting powerless the stronger they get. The other side is using force and power it is time to respond in kind.

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