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Councilman Winslow, Restricting Certain Citizens From Town Council Meetings

by on July 19, 2011

A message to all members of Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

 Unbelievable Quartzsite update from Mayor Foster-

Councilman Winslow gets personal injunction against town resident, and makes statement that the Towns of Quartzsite is going to seek an injuction against the local Citizen’s Coalition, certain residents, and the Tea Party specifically, not allowing them to attend Town Council meetings!

Please spread the word again around the country. This is outrageous!

Found on Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots website

This is just what this town needs to prove their dictatorship. As of right now there is a curfew set in place for the town of Quartzsite. I have not been told if it is being enforced at this time. Restricting whichever citizens they choose from attending council meetings, changing rules, rights, regulations, codes, etc. often to dissrupt the towns people. Restricting call to the public during Council meetings, later just closing the doors and not allowing the public to be present, they will probably open their doors once they can restrict the ones they want from the meetings. 

  1. John permalink

    I don’t think so.What is person’s name?

  2. Milton W T permalink

    Winslow is a fascist turd. Maybe the tea party and in general council opponents will flood the town in response to this. What, FOUR of the thugs on duty who only look like police officers will arrest/manhandle everyone!? I seriously doubt it. Especially if real help backs up the citizens, please Quartzsite 10 arrest the chief or something!!!!

    Hehe now let’s wait for citizen for the rebuttal. Frankly I’d rather hear crickets chirp than see what pablum he can come up with.

  3. Kevin permalink

    I have sent email to Winslow back when I saw his outrageous behavior in the June 28th council meeting, and he is too much of a coward to reply back. He is an absolute worm, along with Chief Gilbert and the rest of the town council. God bless Mayor Foster!

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