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Chief Jeff Gilbert: “Guilty” or “not Guilty” find out

by on July 19, 2011

Only People of Quartzsite will understand this


A. Violations: When any structure or parcel of land regulated by these Regulations is being used contrary to these Regulations, the Director may order such use discontinued and the structure removed or restored, or the land, or portion thereof vacated by notice served on any person causing such violation. Such person shall eliminate the violation within the time prescribed by the Director after receipt of such notice and bring the structure, parcel of land, or portion thereof, into conformance with the requirements of these Regulations.

B. The Sheriff and all other officers of La Paz County otherwise charged with enforcement of the law, shall enforce all the provisions of these Regulations.

C. Site Inspections: The Director, or a designee, members of the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and Board of Supervisors and other enforcement officers may, in the discharge of their duties, and for good or probable cause, enter any premise, building, or structure at any reasonable hour to inspect the same in connection with any application made or permit issued under these Regulations, or for any investigation or inspection as to whether or not any portion of such premises, building or structure is being used in violation of these Regulations. Written notice served on the owner or occupant of any premises sought to be inspected at least twenty-four (24) hours before such inspection takes place, shall be given in all cases in which permission to inspect has been refused. Every person who, after the receipt of such notice, denies or prevents, obstructs, or attempts to deny, prevent, or obstruct access to such premises shall be in violation of these Regulations and is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

This is not saying that Chief Jeff Gilbert can enter your home. This is stating that you can refuse to let a code inspector and law enforcement officer enter your home. But the code inspector and/or law enforcement officer cannot search your home later unless they provide you with a notice to search your home in regards to a code violation 24 hours in advance. If you refuse after 24 hours of receiving a legal document requesting to search your home you may be charged with a class 2 misdemeanor. With that being said what is Chief Jeff Gilbert, and Al Johnson going to be charged with for violating this law.

Below is the town of Quartzsite’s Code Enforcement Policy. I am just going to say it. Your town is screwing you every day by having the most lenient regulations. Instead of suing the town and town employees try changing the town’s rules, add more restrictions to the council and town employees. They are able to run this town into the ground and harass, intimidate and push any one around they like because there is not enough regulations to stop them. It’s called beating the system when you are the system. If I lived in Quartzsite I would be rounding up all the locals that have any experience with politics, law enforcement, and a judicial or law background and start writing provisions until you are able to protect the people from the elected and appointed.

SECTION 2                   ENFORCEMENT


Paragraph 1                 A Zoning Administrator shall be appointed by the Town Manager

Paragraph 2                 The Zoning Administrator shall be responsible for the enforcement of this ordinance; and shall develop procedures for said enforcement for review and approval by the Town Council within sixty (60) days of adoption of this ordinance. “Then not tell you what it is. I bet the procedures are “get Chief Jeff Gilbert and a mob of his guys to trample through all persons with said violations and wreck their way of life until we are satisfied.” ”

Here are the procedures for most normal towns and cities in Arizona. By the way the police are not usually involved in code violations but La Paz County allows it.

  • Complaint Received
  • Inspection Conducted
  • Notice left at residence or sent to violator allowing time for correction
  • Re-inspection conducted
  • Civil Citations issued if violation is not corrected
  • Criminal prosecution filed is not corrected after citation
  • Abate (violation removed by City contractor) and lien (this may be the point to have law enforcement present but not involved.)

People of Quartzsite. Fight back by writing new provisions to control your chief of police, city council, town manager, etc. Quit letting them run all over. Require the City Council to have an ethics committee. Address the duties of the Police Chief and make sure his duties do not consist of enforcing code violations before code violations are even presented to the property owner or tenant. This town is not going to get better until the townspeople play the political and legal game that town officials think they are getting away with. Anyone can write a proposition, ordinance, etc. Get them through the council, get support from the majority, then film the whole thing and we will be back to make a scene, as professionals of course. Use an ethics committee to define what is appropriate, regulate the officials, and define what their penalties are for violations. This town is vague and only defines what penalties there are for the people not the officials as well.

By creating an ethics committee you are creating a checks and balances for your city officials and defining the penalties for such violations. The citizens of Quartzsite can also implement through the council or ethics committee a progress report presented during city council meetings that are open to the public. The progress report should be based on a performance evaluation submitted by the citizens prior to each quarterly review from the ethics committee.

  1. Milton W T permalink

    Fantastic Article Thank You.

  2. A good story with good suggestions.

    Only problem is the current town council will not do anything that resembles placing controls on themselves. Two council members stated in last Sundays Arizona Republic story about Quartzsite they will do what they want lawful or not. The town government believes they are the law.

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