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Recall Petition for Quartzsite AZ Council Members

by on July 15, 2011

Residents of Quartzsite have more power over their town than most may think. Arizona is a wonderful state to live in and power over politics is invested in the people with few restrictions. As easy as it was to file a recall application and petition for Mayor Ed foster it is several times easier to file a recall application and petition for any council members.

 Let’s start with Arizona Revised Statute Title 19 – Initiative, Referendum and Recall, Chapter 2 RECALL AND ADVISORY RECALL, Article 1 Petition and Election Procedures.

 There is no reason to fear repercussion for filing or attempting to file a recall application and petition. This is a legal action and cannot be construed as a personal attack on any one counsel person. When filing a recall application and gathering signatures one should read the entire revised statues under title 19 and adhere to the regulations. Due to the current situation and law enforcement officials so heavily involved with the politics I would recommend documenting by video camera all procedures from submitting the application to submitting signatures after ballot is signed with the correct amount of signatures.

To the town of Quartzsite. If the town can manage to fill the vacancy of one council member who had recently stepped down to run against Ed Foster in the recall election then town is one step closer to solving the issue. With the links below two more districts can file for a recall election and hopefully have a total of three council members per each side of the debate. With three council members that side with Mayor Ed Foster the town can release the books proving or disproving scandal regarding finances, relieve the town organizer Alexandra Taft of her duties, and lastly hold Chief Jeff Gilbert to a proper investigation while he remains on paid leave.

Application Form Town Council                   

Notice of vacancy                                          

Initiative, Referendum, & Recall Handbook

Nomination Petition Paper  

Here are examples of recall petition applications to give any one an idea of how to properly type the application.    

 ARS 19-201.A. Every public officer holding an elective office, either by election, appointment or retention, is subject to recall from such office by the qualified electors of the electoral district from which candidates are elected to that office. Such electoral district may include the whole state. A number of qualified electors equaling twenty-five per cent of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all the candidates for the office held by the officer, even if the officer was not elected at that election, divided by the number of offices that were being filled at that election, by recall petition, may demand the officer’s recall.

 You’re County Recorder’s Office

Donna J. Hale, Clerk/ Election Director

La Paz County Board of Supervisors

1108 Joshua Avenue

Parker, Arizona 85344

Phone 928/669-6115

FAX 928/669-9709


  1. Citizen for Quartzsite permalink

    As in other articles/posts, it would make sense that one investigates and/or gets truly informed before making categorical statements such as above. If you had, one would know that a recall by the Mayor and his cronies tried to recall the incumbents already. That recall was earlier this year on March 8, 2011:

    Needless to say, ALL of the incumbents retained their seats, and by a comfortable margin. The will of the people “spoke”.

    As you stated above: “There is no reason to fear repercussion for filing or attempting to file a recall application and petition. This is a legal action and cannot be construed as a personal attack on any one counsel person.” This is exactly one reason the Mayor has been recalled himself and that recall is for August 30, 2011.

    • My name is Doug and I can spell council. There can be another recall election for the council members, if the governor does not remove them. This recall must be paid for by the next initiator, that’s all.I agree that if you are gonna do a Quartzsite blog, learn the turf.

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